WEBINAR: Optimizing FBAR Designs with FEA Using PZFlex

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Please join us Thursday August 24th for a free webinar: Optimizing FBAR Designs with FEA Using PZFlex. The webinar will take place from 2-3PM Eastern U.S. time. Dr Andrew Tweedie will lead the webinar.

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How to Optimize FBARs Using PZFlex

Rapid growth in the mobile communication market coupled with the desire for continual size reduction of key components in consumer electronics has created an increasing demand for small, low power, high performance RF filters. This demand is primarily being met by acoustic filter technologies, where piezoelectric resonators are the building blocks of RF front-ends.

Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBARs) were a key innovation in the RF filter space, and have helped drive today’s $9B filter market, which is forecast to grow to $13B by 2020. These electromechanical devices offer several design challenges for engineers:

  • Minimizing the effect of spurious lateral resonances
  • Dealing with performance variance due to material property inaccuracies
  • MEMS manufacturing processes
  • Component assembly processes

Reduce Time To Market with Optimization

Optimizing a design using simulation can greatly reduce tape-out, design verification, and system verification costs. Optimization can also greatly reduce time-to-market and risks with new designs.

Join Dr. Andrew Tweedie of PZFlex to learn how PZFlex FEA tools can rapidly simulate and optimize FBAR designs by coupling PZFlex to Matlab’s Optimization toolbox, via FlexConnect, to use Genetic Algorithms to extract optimal topologies for minimizing spurious modes.

During the webinar, Dr Tweedie will discuss:

  • Overview of PZFlex capabilities for piezoelectric device simulation for acceleration of product design
  • Designing, simulating and characterizing FBAR performance
  • Study acceleration options via cloud computing
  • Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm to find best and worst topology candidates

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