Stacked Horn Transducer

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Typical PZFlex models are generated on standard partition mesh which is why the code is very quick to run. However we can also model using general connectivity and skewed elements for more complex geometries. The stacked horn example uses a skewed grid to accurately represent the curved tip features.

The horn was modeled with:

  • 6 discs of PZT4D connected electrically in parallel
  • Steel backing mass
  • Titanium tip with a logarithmic taper
  • Length: 175 mm Disc Radius: 15 mm Tip Radius: 5 mm

Typical outputs such as impedance can be used to determine key resonances for such a design and combined with extracted mode shapes, you are able to visualise the overall movement of the device over a steady-state cycle at any requested frequencies.


Stacked Horn Transducer Presenation

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