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Unparalleled Speed

1 vs 1000

Design of any kind is an informed, iterative process where knowledge & theory meet empirical experience. The faster you can iterate and learn, the faster your design process will become.

In the realm of simulation this acceleration is a tangible outcome when modelling complex, coupled systems. Running more simulations develops deeper insight and delivers the optimal results.

PZFlex is commonly x100-1000 faster than many other commercial FEA codes for many analysis types. By providing designers with 1000 data points vs 1, PZFlex offers rapid progression along steep knowledge curves.

Efficient Memory Usage

Large 3D Models

Don’t be limited to approximations of your design, access billions of elements to fully represent the intricacies of your problem. With ever increasing demands on engineers to design and work with complex coupled systems, full 3D simulations become pivotal in optimal modelling processes.

PZFlex’s super-efficient use of RAM allows users to fit multi-million DoF simulations in less than a GB of RAM, opening up powerful simulation capabilities on an everyday laptop.

Fully Coupled

Seamless Domains

Due to the underlying approach used in PZFlex, including solids and fluids in a single domain requires no special physics or definitions.

Simply create your geometry, allocate your material properties and execute. This enables complex structural and acoustical components to be fully coupled with no extra effort on the part of the user, or impact on efficiency.


MultiPhysics as Standard

Refuse to compromise on capability. PZFlex offers users a wide range of standard features, with access to the solvers needed for most applications. Mechanical, Piezoelectric, Structural, Electrostatic, Thermal and more, can be coupled in a single simulation to boost client value, modelling efficiency and reducing approximations.

Time Domain

Real World Results

Transient solvers in PZFlex provide a direct comparison with experimental measures without the need for transforms. This allows users to extract all other types of analysis, modal, harmonic, nonlinear, from a single simulation. You can also monitor the simulation in real time as it progresses, providing instant insight into your problems.

For applications where arbitrary loading conditions are required, such as phased arrays, or in NDE, PZFlex makes it easy to import time-dependent signals from any source.


Use What You Need

Powerful, parallel solvers allow users to simulate massive problems in greatly reduced timeframes. For problems where simulation time is not a critical path, PZFlex offers its full suite of capabilities but for a reduced number of cores.

The Introductory package gives users an easy and affordable route to high-power, high-fidelity simulation without compromising on features.


Precision Matters

As one of the first transient codes in operation, PZFlex has over 30 years experience working on the most challenging problems around.

Decades of verification and validation have created a code base that is not only robust but exceptionally accurate. From simulation of 4D ultrasound imaging systems, to the collapse of the New York City Twin Towers, the core solver will deliver the accuracy demanded by the modern engineer.

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