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PZFlex lets engineers model and simulate a wide range of physics with an emphasis on wave-propagation and piezoelectric applications.

With its custom FEA solvers you can tackle large problems in ultra-fast timescales, allowing you to iterate quickly to the optimal solution. 2D models run in seconds, 3D models in minutes. Efficient use of RAM ensures users can access classes of FEA models that were previously reserved for HPC systems.

The baseline product includes a range of GUI interfaces for model construction, importation and post-processing. With Multiphysics capabilities included in the package, users can access a wide range of effects without purchasing additional modules.

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Customised Solutions

Design Expertise & Consultancy

With over 40 years industrial experience in the design of piezoelectric and ultrasonic systems, the PZFlex team can help you with your product design through carefully managed simulation strategies. Take advantage of our experience to accelerate your to-market timescales.

Bespoke Tools

Engage our experts to develop specific toolsets that enhance your simulation experience, and optimize your modelling work-flow. Boost productivity through streamlined interfaces to your underlying FEA simulations

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