Medical Applications

Diagnostics & Imaging

Ultrasonic Imaging is a key technology in many aspects of the healthcare industry. Real-time, moving images are now commonplace, providing clinicians with invaluable knowledge of internal anatomy. PZFlex has played a significant role in this progress having found widespread use globally with companies such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi and many more. The power of PZFlex allows engineers to accelerate design cycles via the accuracy and speed of its prediction, while reducing dependency on expensive fabrication of test devices.

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  • Custom FE Analysis Tools

    Custom Analysis Tools
    Extract important metrics quickly and effectively from simulations. Electrical Impedance, Admittance, Conductance, Beam Profiles, Efficiency and other common outputs are available from standard toolsets.

  • CMUTs
    Fully simulate the nonlinear, coupled behaviour of CMUTs with electrostatic solver options. Contact and non-contact modes are supported, along with arbitrary drive conditions. Powerful solvers allow analysis of 3D array configurations coupled to electrical components.
  • Phased Arrays
    Phased Arrays
    Simulate complete linear and 2D matrix probes. Analyse electrical and mechanical crosstalk, directivity, electrical impedance, beamforming and more. Advanced solvers enable large transducer models to be solved in hours rather than days.
  • Sub-wavelength Structures

    Sub-wavelength Structures
    Include microstructure detail, thin layers such as electrodes, and sub-wavelength targets in the simulation with ease. Mesh refinement allows for features smaller than the required mesh to be placed arbitrarily in the model.

  • Electrical Circuits

    Electrical Circuits
    Capture the full system by coupling electrical components into the FEA simulation. Model both transmit and receive electronics in the same simulation. Extract voltage, charge and current at any component in the circuit.

  • Piezo Material Characterization

    Piezo Material Characterization
    Simulation results are only as accurate as the material properties used. Through advanced algorithms and ultra-fast numerical simulations, accurate material properties can be backed out from the measured electrical impedance of a sample.

HIFU and Therapeutics

In therapeutic applications, tissue ablation via HIFU promises a non-invasive surgical technique to help in the fight against cancer. PZFlex has supported developments in HIFU for 20 years by providing tools to simulate HIFU performance in realistic anatomical geometrics. Acoustic and thermal solvers allow designers and clinicians to analyse thermal deposition from acoustic pressure maps, providing better control over focal regions, exact tumour targeting and necessary exposure times to boost patient safety margins.

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  • Nonlinear Propagation
    Nonlinear Propagation
    With transient solvers the nonlinear component of wave-propagation falls out naturally. Study the harmonics generated by shock-wave formation, and how this behaviour effects performance of the system, including thermal effects.
  • Import Tissue Maps
    Import Tissue Maps
    Importation from CT and MRI allows users to simulate their devices under realistic operating conditions. Beam divergence, reflections and pulse width can be quantified quickly. See where acoustic power is being deposited.
  • Thermal Analysis
    Thermal Analysis
    Ensure safe treatment planning by accurately simulating the thermal deposition and temperature rise from the ultrasound system. Include the effects of perfusion (blood flow) in the model to evaluate the optimal input configuration.
  • Frequency Dependent Damping
    Frequency Dependent Damping
    With frequency-depending damping models for acoustic and elastic materials, including viscoelastic behaviour, broadband performance is accurately captured. Capturing the crucial effects of damping ensure are more accurate thermal model can be achieved.
  • Shea Wave Imaging
    Shear Wave Imaging
    Investigate the performance of Remote Elastography systems in response to arbitrary drives, tissue maps, tissue properties and more. Perform the Acoustic Radiation Force simulations to extract accurate stresses and the resultant forces in the elastic tissue.