3D Transducer Video in PZFlex Designer Mode

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With our highly efficient solvers, full 3D models can be simulated in short time frames to allow your full design to be evaluated without assumptions and simplifications. Here is a quick example of 3D transducer stimulated with a pulse and ringing down in an open air environment.

PZFlex 2017 Release

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PZFlex is proud to announce the launch of PZFlex 2017, the latest release of the market-leading piezoelectric and ultrasound simulation package. PZFlex 2017 is the first choice for engineers designing piezoelectric devices like MEMS fingerprint sensors, FBARs and SAWs for RF Filters, medical imaging systems using PMUTs and CMUTs, 4D-imaging sensor heads and high-intensity focused ultrasound transducers. Like previous generations …